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With SEM ( Search Engine Marketing), brands pay for ads to appear as search results on search engine results pages (SERPs) such as Google. They target select keywords so that when a user searches for those terms, they see an ad from the brand. The brand is charged only if a user clicks on the ad.

Paid search ads can be found on almost any search results page. These paid placements are typically located at the top and bottom of the page. They include an “Ad” designation to let users know that it is a paid placement.

As a no-BS Google Ads (AdWords) agency, SureTech helps businesses to win where it counts. We build the highest quality Google Ads campaigns with your unique business goals in mind. Targeted campaigns are developed to ensure every single cent of your spend is used wisely and to build your customer base and business revenue. 

Our no-BS Strategy is Simple: We get you to the first page of Google at the lowest cost.​ We are certified in Google AdWords which means we guarantee results to drive traffic to your business.

​Free Fixed Price Quotes to Suit Your Budget & Free business assessment to see how a digital marketing campaign can build your business.

Google AdWords Management

Google Ad campaigns are not something you can set and forget. Google's complex algorithms and AdWords platform are forever changing. This means that expert management is required to ensure your campaign remains profitable, relevant and most importantly, reaching the first page of Google. To get the best results from your budget, its essential to actively tune and optimise your campaigns based on data-driven tactics and principles.


Remember, there is a reason that Googles Ad revenue was $100 Billion in 2018. Simply put, a well managed Google campaign is king when it comes to building your business online, but it will put a huge hole in your pocket if managed poorly. 

When we take over existing AdWords campaigns, we have always increased the amount of revenue and leads using the same or less budget. We achieve this because we establish a targeted strategy for each business, and our certified AdWords engineers continually retrain in Google's forever changing platform. (9).png

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