Brick & Mortar is Dying...Now What?

I remember a time when I was wee little kid. In a far away galaxy, in a different time. Mum and Pop shop-fronts were seen as a business man/woman's dream. Smart phones didn't exist. The internet was an escape from our normal lives.


Skip forward to 2020...Now, our normal lives are a brief escape from the internet. Smart phones literally control everything about our lives, and a mum and pop shopfront in that perfect location is now the riskiest business venture one can aspire to, especially with the current Corona virus pandemic.


The answer is literally in your side pocket! Think about it. How many times in the past week have you searched for a good or service you needed in Google? Compare that to how many times you actually went to your local shopping centre aimlessly looking in 20 different shops for that same good or service.

Simply put, 90% of consumers already know exactly what product and from which store they will purchase that good or service because they have already asked Google! Gone are the shopping days. Welcome to 2020, where brick and mortar stores are quickly turning into warehousing. Click and collect!

We have lost count of how many of our clients failed to see the benefit in digital marketing, SEO, PPC, social media marketing before they invested. Ask any of them now, they will tell you the same thing! Customers simply didn't find their product or service before they started digital marketing. All of our clients are now leading in their respective industries in Sydney and have drastically lowered their costs.


Well, what does this mean? This means you need to work on your digital presence for your business. Study, learn, implement, and if you need help, ASK! Invest in your digital store, your digital presence, your digital marketing, your website and SEO. This and this alone is where traffic and revenue is exponentially moving towards. In fact, check out the graph below. Revenue created from the average business digital marketing has and will continue to increase exponentially. This is no surprise!

PPC and SEO is a tricky subject. Google regularly changes their algorithms which impact your SEO. Google and Facebook purposely make PPC(Adwords etc) difficult and dynamic to take more of your money. This means optimisation must be a regular activity. It is not a set and forget. But pleasure comes to the patient. Work at it, and your business will continually grow.

There is simply no other way in 2020.

So, how many leads has your business received lately?

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