Google Ads vs Facebook Ads: What works in 2020?

SO you run a business. You may be running ads on Google, Facebook currently or thinking about which platform to invest your money in and what will get you the best return.

Firstly, I'm really sick and tired of the majority of marketing companies telling you which platform is better or worse. It is not that black and white! And to be frankly honest, if any marketing company compels you to use one or the other, SACK THEM INSTANTLY.

Both platforms have value for different industries, audiences and differ depending on your goals.

Now, lets get to the nitty gritty of things.

In life, there are generally two reasons someone will give you their money:

1) Entertain/Inform/Serve Me

2) Save Me Money

Now keep that in mind...

Here is a GENERAL rule of thumb for most industries:

1) Use Facebook to promote your brand/product to your potential audience. DO NOT TRY TO SELL ON FACEBOOK. There are some critical exceptions such as selling goods around holiday periods.

That reminds me....I never did receive those cute puppy socks I ordered last Christmas hmmm.

Remember, Facebook forces ads in peoples faces/news feeds. Ads they are not always interested in. And although facebook's intelligent data gathering from your phone, google searches etc is powerful to target the correct audience (when expertly implemented), it generally is not powerful enough to overcome our general hate of forced ads (junk mail).

2) Use Google Ads to sell your goods and services! It's really that basic. Google ads, when implemented and managed properly is king! Why? Well, think about it...when you are searching for "last minute xmas gifts for the wife" on google, what do you get? Well, I can tell you from experience, Google lists all the ads that can provide me with last minute gifts. Exactly what I need right NOW. Pheww

OK...Lets look at some simple and short case studies:

Yesterday, you performed a google search for "best digital marketing company in Sydney".

Today, as you scroll through your Facebook news feed, you see 3 different ads from digital marketing companies. Ads 1 and 2 are saying that their strategy works best and are trying to SELL their service now. How do you FEEL now? You feel annoyed as if your privacy has been intruded. Even though the service you want is presented right in front of you, you are sceptical. Why? Because humans generally don't trust sales people. If your not feeling annoyed, you're thinking "well this would have been great yesterday...".

In contrast, Ad 3 is a short 30 second video providing knowledge regarding choosing Facebook or google ads. They are not selling anything. They are sharing knowledge and in turn, you click to their website, and you now remember their brand, and in turn much more likely to enquire about their services! THAT is genuine lead generation through Facebook ads. This is generally how you should use Facebook Ads.

In the next example, you performed a google search yesterday for "whisky gifts". Google presented you with 3 business ads at the top of search results who each have limited-time special deals on their whisky gift packs. You click all 3, then buy the listing from one of them within 5 min. It's simple in theory, but when a customer is presented with what they want AND a call to action(such as a special offer), they are almost certain to proceed with the purchase.

THIS is how to use google Ads. An expertly setup and managed campaign targeting ONLY the audience which will build your revenue.

So back to the beginning...what works in 2020? Google Ads or Facebook Ads?



Only when setup and used correctly.

You wouldn't use a screwdriver to hammer a nail and conversely, you can use Google and Facebook as different tools to market your goods and services. Just do it right! Or you might as well be throwing your money away.

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