How Much Money Does Google Make From Online Ads?? The answer will shock you!

Have a good look at this data above. No, really...take a good look. The cost of Online Ad Spend, just in the USA has increased from $25 BILLION to $70 BILLION this year. Yes, that's billion with a capital B.

Now, take a big breath because the next graph will definitely blow your mind.

So, Google's worldwide revenue from online ads alone, in 2018 alone, was $116 BILLION. Oh, and its growing exponentially!

There are two reasons for this growth:

1) Google Ads simply work. There is no other platform in the world that brings potential customers that are searching for your product or service to you. We are all generally less sceptical about Google Ads showing up in our search results than say, paper flyers, banner ads, and even Facebook Ads. Why? Well, of course because we are actively searching for that particular service/product in Google anyway, so relevant Google Ads are generally welcomed by all of us.

2) The second reason is that Google's overall ad costs has increased exponentially also.

So! With a hike in ad spend costs from google, why are businesses still flocking to creating Google Ad campaigns?? Again, the answer is simple. It works! Businesses might be spending more on their Google Ad campaigns than ever before, but they are also seeing a higher return on investment every year, when their campaigns are setup and managed professionally.

With the constantly increasing Google Ad costs, of course means that your Google Ad campaigns must be on point. Remember, you pay per click! You don't want unwanted clicks that wont generate leads. This will end with you losing money and not generating leads. Understanding Google's Adwords platform is a critical skill earned by digital marketing agencies such as SureTech. Our recent Google Ads PPC Case Study showed what a leading digital marketing agency MUST do in 2020 to get first page rankings in Google.


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