Is SEO Dead??

We keep hearing from our customers that SEO doesn't work for them; that SEO companies take their money and return no results. So, is SEO DEAD?

First we must understand what SEO is, at a high level. There are basically two types of SEO. On-Page and Off-Page. That is, SEO that is implemented on your website, and SEO that is implemented off your website.

The meaning of on-page SEO (search engine optimisation) is the process of making changes to your website design and content in order to help it rank high in the search engine results, because lets face it, no one goes past the first page in Google search results.

The meaning of off-page SEO (search engine optimisation) is the process of building links to your website(such as on local business directories etc), promoting your website in social media, creating content for your website such as basic blogs in order to help it rank high in the search engine results.

By continually optimising your website for the search engines, you can increase your visibility in the organic, or unpaid, search engine results.

Google has complex software to recognise when websites have SEO and will rank such sites higher in search results.

Googles search engine software algorithms are constantly being changed and updated by Google(remember this point for later).

Now that we understand what SEO is, back to the original question? Is SEO dead in 2020? Is there any point spending time and effort with SEO to boost traffic to your business?

SEO is well and truly alive. In fact, in 2020 it is more important than ever; when done correctly and with patience.

Last year, Google made over 3000 changes to its search engine algorithms which meant that all SEO companies like SureTech SHOULD have spent the time to re-educate to ensure we understand the changes to enable us to modify our SEO strategies. Let me tell you, that of all my SEO business buddies we work with, we we're the only one in our group to re-educate.

So what I hear you say?!

Well, simply put, most SEO companies are literally taking your money and guessing how to rank your website higher in Google.

SureTech have been ranking business websites on the first page for years. It hasn't been easy, and Google definitely make it difficult, and rightly so. Think about it this way; the beauty of Google is that it provides you a consensus answer to ANY question or product you're searching for in just a few seconds. It couldn't do this if it let just any websites rank on the first page. The algorithms must allow the most useful, accurate and best information and products to rank first.

The first question we always ask our clients is simple: If you were searching for the service/product which your website is selling/promoting, would you purchase that product/service from your own website? The honest answer 95% of the time is NO. So, if your own content(and SEO strategy) doesn't satisfy you, why should it satisfy Google? It doesn't, and that's why all businesses that have an internet presence NEED SEO.

Let's not forget that this example would rarely ever happen anyway, because of course, with no SEO, no one looking for the product or service you're selling would find you on Google anyway because you are on page 3 ga-zillion of search results.

So there you go. The blunt truth folks. SEO is well and truly alive. Also keep in mind that paid Google Ads costs have exponentially increased over the past few years and will continue to do so, making SEO an even more important part of your business success in 2020.


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