The corona-virus is good for (smart) businesses! Here's How!

"Corona-virus" and "good" is a strong oxymoron during these very uncertain times. Within a matter of weeks, the virus has spread from China to most countries around the world. We're not here to discuss more doom and gloom. We're here to explain how the virus has changed human behaviour, and how smart businesses, with strong a online presence are reaping the rewards!

So, what have we as humans done more and more the past month as we become ever so increasingly fearful of this unknown enemy:

1) Social Distancing

2) Stayed at Home

3) Dramatic Decrease in Spend at brick and mortar stores

4) Dramatic Increase in Online spend

5) Dramatic Increase in Google searches for products and services

A minor sub note that we have for some unknown reason, also stock-piled toilet paper...shrug...

So why am I telling you this? What has the corona-virus got to do with your business? and how on earth can a business possibly benefit from this?

New startups, small-large businesses are all impacted in the same way here. Let me explain...

It hit me like a ...well...corona virus to the lungs, when one of our clients called us recently to request an urgent website enhancement and new google ads campaign. They were previously making 90% of their income through their brick and mortar store, and only 10% online through their website. However, from the beginning of March, they said that their brick and mortar store revenue had plummeted, of course because people are social distancing due to the corona virus and simply less willing to buy something in person. That's when it hit us.

This is the time for new and smart businesses to attract and keep a whole new type of customer...the cautious customer who stays at home and shops online. And as we have seen, we are all becoming THAT customer as our fears grow over this pandemic.

Businesses should invest in their online presence as part of their push for multi-channel distribution; this includes ensuring your website is primed and ready to go. Even if you dont sell online, people are still searching for products and services using Google at a dramatically increased rate, so you have to have your Website On-Point, your Search Engine Optimisation On-Point, and of course, the biggest advantage is having a Google Ads Campaign setup with pin point accuracy to get these new customers to you!

This not only brings new customers to you, these are likely to become return customers because changing preferences are not likely to go back to pre-pandemic norms.

Finally, a short note on how things went with our client that rang us from earlier. We rebuilt their entire website, managing their SEO and new google ads campaign to refocus their revenue to online.

This is where it got very interesting... Within 2 weeks, their new website and google ads campaigns have achieved a result which should be seen as a massive opportunity to all business during these uncertain times:

1) Increase in Online Revenue - Now up to 60% of their total revenue.

2) Increase in people connecting with their brick and mortar store - because people at home aren't willing to roam around shopping centres anymore - if they must go to a store, they will search for your product or service in Google, then pop in and out of your store to purchase what they need.

Remember, always, fortune favours the brave. Our patterns of spending are changing rapidly. A perfectly tuned and managed Website, SEO and Digital Marketing(especially google ads campaigns) are no longer optional for business. These tools are the building blocks of success in the modern era. We are here to answer any questions or queries you may have about how your business can benefit right now.

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