What happens when a lawyer reaches top spot in Google?

Updated: Aug 6

They do a little happy dance of course.

Today we're going to go through some very basic key principles on how to rank on the first page of Google TODAY. But first, I'm going to be honest with you. If you're a nobody, have a brand new website or have never invested in SEO, you're doomed(for now) to get to the first page of organic search results with SEO any time soon. As we know, using SEO to get to the first page of Google is a long term investment.

So, how can you possibly reach top spot today? A strategic targeted Google Ads campaign of course.

Have a look at our new client Optimum Lawyers. They moved to us for their Google Ads management because they wanted to spend much less than their previous google ads agency, and also wanted to reach top spot in Google....and FAST. They wanted to secure leads from the increasing amount of legal litigation and dispute cases occurring now due to these crazy covid times. After we completed their free business assessment, it was obvious where the problem was. Their previous digital marketing agency setup their campaign without any strategy in mind. They were pissing in the wind. No thought was placed into getting results at the lowest cost. They were basically giving their money away to Google without even seeing results. So, what did we do? We got Optimum Lawyers to TOP SPOT on Google of course. AND we got them there with half the budget they were previously using. Check out Optimum Lawyers results and feedback here.

Now, I’ll show you how we rank our clients on the first page of Google, even if you're a nobody, have a new business with low SEO rankings, or just work in a very competitive industry just like this case study with Optimum Lawyers.

Here's our top 2 tricks:

1) Use low competition keywords(a lot of them):

What does this mean? OK. Lets use our classic example of "black shoes". Longer tail word phrases increase your conversion rate exponentially simply because the competition for these search phrases is also exponentially lower. This graph explains it perfectly for you:

Additionally, why this strategy works for your ROI(return on investment) is that these long tail-word phrases or keywords have a drastically lower CPC (cost per click). For example sake, "black shoes" may incur a cost per click of $10, while "black kids shoes with rubber soles" may incur a cost per click of $1. The benefits are obvious.

2) Increase your Click Through Rate:

What does this mean? I've said this before and ill say it again. Just because your ad shows up on the first page of Google, doesn't guarantee your audience will click on your ad. The user needs to be able to have a very sound understanding of your product or service immediately just from your ad. So how do we ensure a customer has enough information and trust to click on your ad? This is where experienced Google Ad agencies really pay the bills.

Google Adwords has features called "extensions" which can be added to your ads. There are many extensions which Google let you implement to increase your click though rate, but our favourites are "sitelinks", "callout extensions", and "structured snippets". Can you spot these extensions in the above Optimum Lawyers example?

Lets take a look at our very own SureTech Google Ad:

I have marked each extension type in its own colour to clearly show you how these little things called extensions have 2 major benefits. First, they take up real-estate. Screen real-estate that is. You want your ads to take up as much space on screen as possible. This obviously makes your brand stand out much more than the competition, but additionally, Google does not charge you any additional fees for using these extensions. win-win!

The second benefit should also be quite clear. At a glance, you can gain a very good understanding of the product, service and current offers. These factors dramatically increase your click through rate.

So there you have it. 2 things you can do right now to get onto the first page. Of course it should go without saying that if you don't implement these strategies correctly, it can definitely backfire. Do your keyword research, work with a reputable Google Ads agency that is certified and has shown you they get results, and of course, believe in the power of digital marketing.

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