Where is the best place to hide a dead body?

Updated: Jul 2

On the 2nd page of google search results of course!

2020 has seen a staggering leap in the amount of users strictly using Google for their purchases and product research.

Here are some mind boggling stats to set the stage:

1) Over 80% of customers perform online research via google before making a purchase.

2) 50% of customers read or view at least 3 pieces of content generated by a business they are looking to purchase from before making contact with the business.

3) Almost 80% of users NEVER scroll past the first page of google search results.

Lets ponder the 3rd statistic above for a split second. Gone are the days where marketing meant sending out flyers and door knocking. A successful marketing campaign in 2020 and beyond means being found on Google. That means you need to be on the first page, and more specifically, in TOP SPOT!

There is one problem with this though. Google Ads is complex, forever changing and purposely so. Remember, Google made $100 BILLION in 2018 from Google Ads alone. It is Google's interest to have your ads performing poorly. After all, more clicks equals more bucks.

SO whats the bloody solution?

The game is 2-fold: Firstly, have an intelligent google ads campaign, minimising spend and maximising return. Secondly, work on your SEO constantly to ensure your business progressively ranks higher in organic(free clicks) search results.

Here is a quick example and case study to set the scene. We were engaged by one of Sydney's leading Vending Machine companies "C&C Vending Services"( recently. The managing director Mr Matta told us "I need to take my business to the next level and I know the next level is digital. Other agencies and methods just aren't working and I just don't have much budget."

We laid out a several stage plan to increase his business revenue using digital marketing. It really is more than just putting up ads or blog posts. For us, it is about results! It's about relationships, honesty and getting it done!

Just a short time later, stage 1 is achieved! C&C Vending Services is in top spot in Google search results, and using a very low budget with intelligent campaign programming. Take that Soda Stream! Boom!

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