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What is SureSign?

SureSign is a FREE business guest check in/registration service. SureSign is the easiest, most secure, and non intrusive method of collecting your customers information in order to satisfy the NSW governments COVID regulations to ensure that your business stays open. SureSign utilises QR Codes, making your customers check in experience, quick and hassle free. Your customers information is securely stored, either on your website or we can host the data for you. Its that easy! 

How SureSign Works

Display QR Code & Scan

Display your QR Code which we generate for you. Ask all customers to scan the code with their phones camera application.

Fill In Details

Customers take a few seconds to enter their contact information and we securely store the data. Customer can choose to opt-in to receive special offers and deals.

Digital Secure Records

All check-in data is available at any time in an easy to read format. Your business is now secured and COVID-safe with SureSign.

Customers Receive Promotions

Customers who chose to opt-in to marketing material will receive special offers and promotions of your choosing. All you need to do is let us know what the promotion is, and we will manage the marketing. 

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Why Choose SureSign

SureSign is not only the easiest customer check in experience, but it also enables your business to grow during COVID with intelligent customer marketing. The customer can benefit from opting in to marketing material. This is where SureSign differs from the rest. We understand that businesses are struggling in this current environment, and consumers are eager to get out and snag some good offers, so SureSign enables your business to share special offers and marketing material to the customer who is checking in.


Imagine this: A customer checks in to your business and opts in to your personalised marketing material for this month, for example "click to receive a 10% discount". You can now offer your customer special deals and offers to keep them coming back. This also enables you to save money on other less effective and costly marketing you may be doing. That's how SureSign has enabled smart businesses to thrive during COVID.

SureSign Packages

QR Code Setup

If you already have your own business website with a landing page to collect customer information, then the rest is on us! This service is totally free and is our way of giving back to the community. Request your free business QR Code Setup and it will be ready within 24 hours.

Guest Check-In  Landing Page

If you need a website landing page built to collect your customer information, there is just a $180 once off cost for us to build your website landing page. The QR code setup is still completely free!

Business Growth Package

If you would like to grow your business during COVID while also meeting your business check-in obligations, this monthly package enables you to promote your services and special offers to your customers. Just let us know which promotion you would like to run for a specific month, and we will send digital marketing material to all customers who opted in! This package includes your website landing page creation and the QR Code Setup is still free! What a great way to beat COVID!

Why does my business need a QR Code?

In NSW, during the corona virus pandemic(COVID-19), the NSW government announced that businesses are required by law to collect the contact information of all patrons/customers. This information would be used by the NSW government for contact tracing services in the event that a patron contracted COVID-19. Some businesses such as those in the hospitality sector (including pubs, registered clubs, bars, restaurants, cafes, casinos etc) are required to keep a record of all staff, patrons and contractors visiting their premises. 

There are significant penalties for businesses and organisations that fail to comply with Public Health Orders.

Authorised officers are currently visiting businesses to assess their compliance with COVID Orders. If a breach of the COVID-19 Orders is found, a Penalty Infringement Notice may be issued for non-compliance. This on-the-spot fine is $1,000 for individuals or $5,000 for a business. There are much larger penalties for repeat offences.

The NSW government recommends QR code check ins as the preferred method of collecting customer information due to it being a contactless, hygienic method of collecting details. 


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